About Sunny Day...

Your wedding is the day you've been dreaming about for months, maybe even years. You want the best of everything to make that moment everlasting to yourselves and your guests. Wedding vendors know this which is why they charge such outrageous prices....... and make you believe it's normal.
Yea, I'm calling them out.
Many years ago I had to find ways to make our wedding day just as alluring for a fraction of the cost. Of coarse for some of you, money is no issue, and that is a beautiful thing. But what about the rest of us, why should we do with without?
A Sunny Day Productions wants to make sure you don't.
That is why we keep our prices low and still offer the same, if not better quality and professional videos for all your wedding events and parties.
We are a boutique company with 14 years of experience filming and creating videos for all occasions. These are very intimate moments and we strive to remain unobtrusive and respectful to that, while still capturing all the events of your day.
While most companies charge much more, they only offer a 5 minute highlight of your entire day. We offer professional HD filming of your event, edited and showing all your important moments in full. This includes the full ceremony, dances, toasts and any surprises. You choose the music for the introduction and montage moments displaying the venue decor and family photos.
If you would also like a highlight reel to show on social media, we do that too. As well as offer all your raw footage on your own USB.
In this day and age we take videos of everything, it seems crazy to not have your wedding day filmed. Imagine watching it in your older years, maybe with your children. Imagine their reactions to both of you. Imagine your reaction watching family and friends you haven't seen in years.


Sunny Day's goal is to create a romantic and heartfelt movie that will make you and your loved ones laugh and cry for many generations to come.  This is your dream and we want to help make it a reality.


We pride ourselves in providing our service to a community of many cultures, religions and traditions.  Our approach is always to be respectful of other customs and beliefs.


Please contact Sunny Day Productions with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you.